December 1, 2016

Which Navionics Card is the Best?

I wrote a pretty detailed blog post earlier this year about the different Navionics cards and what each can do. Since then I have switched my preference since a new card has been released.

This is a question I get asked "which Navionics card is the best?" all the time and my answer is now the Navionics+ Regions card.  It is also the least expensive of them all at just $149.99.

The Navionics+ Regions has all of the same data as the the more expensive Navionics HotMaps Platinum and the Navionics+ card. Those two are both $199.99.

Here is a video showing what the card can do:

Here are the differences between these three:
  • Navionics HotMaps Platinum: Has excellent mapping with 1 foot contour intervals. It also has 3D view and satellite overlay which the other cards do not. You buy the card for the region you plan to use it in.
  • Navionics+: The great thing about this card is it is how much coverage it has. Meaning it is not restricted to a region. You can buy it and use it wherever you go in the U.S. and Canada, fresh or saltwater. All you have to do is download the area you plan to go. Same great 1ft contours as the other cards.
  • Navionics+ Regions: All of the same great features as the Navionics+, but restricted to regions. If all you do is fish one state or a few states, this is a great choice.
My post from earlier this year has more details on Navionics and what you can do with them. Hope that helps! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.
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