December 8, 2016

Rapid Fishing Solutions Line Guide and Line Clips

Sometimes the simplest things are the best solution. That is the case of two new products from Rapid Fishing Solutions.  I first heard about them at a media event in Buffalo, NY earlier this year and now it seems like they are really catching on.

I had the pleasure of fishing with the guys from this company two years in a row and they showed me the line clips while on the water. We were fishing Lake Erie in a rocking boat and it was never easier to put line through my guides. I even did it backwards by mistake and it still worked. 

Again, so simple, yet so effective.  They also have a line clip that helps keep your line in place after you break off a lure or are done for the day.

 Line Clips
Line Guide
They are inexpensive and make life so much easier. Tackle Warehouse has them both: Line Clips and Line Guide.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mark Menendez is a big fan of both of these products. Watch below as he explains them.

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