December 6, 2016

Inexpensive Bass Fishing Gift Ideas

'Tis the season and I've been getting asked what I want for Christmas. When you are as serious as fishing as we all are, it needs to be something good that we will actually use.  Here are four of my choices for bass fishing gift ideas and all are under $30.

This small package has everything you need to clean, maintain and repair your reels. The best thing is it is all in a neat box and can stay in one place for when you need to use it.

These boxes are sweet. They are tough and come in tons of sizes. The best part in my opinion is that the dividers have Zerust built into them to protect your baits from rust.

A very simple idea that just makes sense. This is a kit for dyeing you soft plastic baits without having to worry about spilling it all over you boat and hands.

More than just a pair of pliers, the Shimano Power Pliers are awesome. They have a split ring tool, great braid cutters and are made with a fluorine coating to prevent corrosion.

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