September 5, 2017

Neko Rig Tricks

I just returned from a trip to a media event in Minnesota where I was able to ride along with some pro anglers. I was paired with Shin Fukae, the FLW Tour pro from Japan. He is a finesse fishing wizard and had some cool tricks to show for the Neko rig.

Here are a few takeaways and tips I learned:
  1. First it is a Neh-ko, not Nee-ko rig like I have been saying all along.
  2. He had a special type of tungsten Neko weight that looked just like a screw. This helps to keep the bait in place and not fly out on a cast.
  3. He also used a small piece of what looked and felt like surgical tubing to hold the hook. This is better than an o-ring because it stays much more secure and you will lose less baits (and weights) on the cast.
Here is Shin talking a little more about the technique and how he rigs it.

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