March 22, 2009

Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic

The Bass Pro Shops Spring Classic is a great event that people look forward to every year. Last weekend I spent some time at the Fort Myers BPS on behalf of Snag Proof. I love talking fishing so this event was great. My main goal for the weekend was to answer questions about the baits and suggest products that work in the area. One thing I often forget is that Florida is a tourist not everyone lives here. This turned out to be really neat, since I was able to talk to people from Midwestern and Eastern states and even a few from Canada. The great thing is, Snag Proof frogs work in all of these places.

Bass Pro Shops

I had a great time at Bass Pro and look forward to working with them in the future. They have a great staff and carry the baits we need. I also enjoyed showing the frogs to the young fisherman who have never used them. I'm sure they are going to have fun with those frogs the next time they go out fishing. One of the most popular baits at the table was the Wiggle Wog. Bass Pro doesn't carry them and some people were disappointed. I'm really surprised more people aren't carry this bait, its really cool.

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