March 26, 2009

Getting ready for the BFL Tournament

Saturday is the 3rd BFL Tournament in the Everglades Division. We will be fishing the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes going out of Camp Mack. I am currently in 20th place in points on the Co-Angler Side after two decent finishes (22nd and 36th). I am hoping to move up to the Top 5 after the season completes in September, so I need to continue to catch fish at every stop. The goal for every angler fishing the BFL's is to make the regionals and eventually qualify for the All-American, which is the best you can do fishing as a "weekend angler". I made it all the way in 2002, and I'm desperate to get back there.

Tournament prep is one of my favorite things to do; it's fun, relaxing and really makes you think about your bait selections. Since I am fishing as a co-angler, I really need to narrow my baits down and only take the necessities. I take no more than 6 rods and have a small tackle bag which will hold everything I need. I am not like some co-anglers who take everything they own. I believe the less I take, the more focused I will be. Since I decided "less is best", I have seen my fishing improve and have made alot more Monday trips to the bank to cash tournament checks.

I narrowed my baits to the essentials:
  1. 7 ft Medium Action Spinning rod with 10lb fluorocarbon - Black worm on an Owner weedless wacky hook, rigged wacky style about 1/3 down the bait.
  2. 6ft 6 in Medium Action Casting Rod with 15lb fluorocarbon- Lethal Weapon II Swim Jig in Black/Blue with a double tail trailer.
  3. 6ft 6 in Medium Heavy Action Casting Rod with 15lb monofilament - 4" Tru-Tungsten Tru-life Swimbait in the bluegill color.
  4. 6ft 8 in Medium Heavy Action Casting Rod with 15lb fluorocarbon - Mizmo 5" Diamond Darter Fluke in Watermelon/Red Flake with a 3/16 oz tungsten weight.
  5. 7ft 2 in Heavy Action Casting Rod with 15lb fluorocarbon - Weightless Green Pumpkin Mizmo 5" Quiver Stick
  6. 7ft 1 in Heavy Action Casting Rod with 50lb braid - Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog in black.
After looking at the baits, I began questioning myself. How could I go to Kissimmee without a rattletrap tied on? Am I crazy? Maybe I need to put fresh line on this rod....

I decided to let them stay the way they are. I can always change baits in a few seconds if I have to.
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