March 22, 2009

Weekend Shore Fishing

Florida is great...because there is water everywhere. I had a weekend with no tournaments, so yesterday Tanya and I headed over to Cape Coral to fish the canal systems that run through the city. There are over 400 miles of canals that wind their way through the residential areas...and they are all full of bass. One unseen benefit of the massive foreclosures in our area, is that most of the abandoned houses and unfinished lots are now clear for people to fish.

We had a great time fishing. It was really windy but we still ended up catching close to 10 bass in a few hours.

We would fish one spot for a few minutes then just drive until we found another good looking spot. Before we headed out in the morning, I thought the Lethal Weapon II Swim Jig would catch them pretty good and it did. I caught quite a few fish on the 1/4 oz model in Black and Blue with a 4" Yamamoto Double Tail in Color #157 as a trailer. I targeted all the shady spots right past the weed lines, and would let it drop in those areas. Most of the time the fish would hit it immediately after it reached the shade. I am really starting to like fishing the swim jig, it's not something I did much when I was living in Washington, but I'm sure it would have worked well up there too.

Tanya was determined to catch a fish on a frog since she has never caught one on the Snag Proof frogs I love so much. She has had plenty of blowups in her time, but has never been able to hook up. Once she tied it on, she didn't stop throwing it and got her first fish on the 1/4 oz Pro-Series Tournament Frog in black.

She was ecstatic and is now hooked.

After that I wanted to get one on a frog so I started using the same little black frog. I got a huge blowup on the first cast I made across the canal to the shade of a tree..I thought "YES...they are gonna be eating this thing today". I quickly made another cast to the same spot and my frog just disappeared, no big splash or boil, just a missing frog. This happens all the time, sometimes they just barely suck it under. I waited until I felt him and set it good. The fish was a healthy four pounds..not bad for fishing the shore.

Overall it was a great day of fishing, we didn't have to go far or spend much money on gas or expenses and we still had fun.

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