August 19, 2009

Bassmaster Elite Top 12 "Postseason"

This year the Elite Series is trying something new, a post-season, to determine who will win the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year (TTBAOY). It will feature the Top 12 battling it out on four different lakes on four different days to see who wins the title. It is kind of like the NASCAR system. It will be interesting to see who wins, and even more interesting to see how long they keep the system in place. B.A.S.S. is notorious for changing the rules, points, and systems every few years. Here are the Top 12:

1. Kevin VanDam: 205
2. Skeet Reese: 204
3. Alton Jones: 198
4. Kelly Jordon: 182
5. Todd Faircloth: 180
6. Randy Howell: 180
7. Tommy Biffle: 180
8. Mark Menendez: 180
9. Gary Klein: 179
10. Cliff Pace: 177
11. Mike Iaconelli: 175
12. Gerald Swindle: 174

I am really hoping someone besides Skeet or KVD wins, I always root for the underdog in sports, so let's hope someone like Kelly Jordan climbs to the top.

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