August 18, 2009

The Cal Delta is in Trouble!

The California Delta is known to all bass fisherman in the country as one of America's best bass fisheries. I have fished there a few times and can attest to the quality of fishing. I mean this is where flippin' was invented, and where the Snag Proof frog is king. But there is sad news from California:

"The State of California, with its Bay Delta Conservation Plan, or BDCP, a series of projects for which planning began in 2008, is attempting to re-route much of the water supply of the Delta. Among the parts of the plan is a "New Conveyance," a new 500-foot wide canal that will remove fresh water from the Sacramento River above the Delta and shuttle it around the heart of the Delta to Tracy. This is a resurrected version of the Peripheral Canal rejected by voters in 1982."

You can read the whole story here. If you really care about bass fishing, step up and do something about this. Even if you don't live in California, you can still visit this site and see what you can do to Save the Delta!
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