November 3, 2009

"Impact Series" Drop Shot Weights

You can probably tell...but...I'm always looking for new tackle and techniques. I just came across a tackle company started by FLW Pro Art Ferguson called PROvider tackle. They make tubes, jigs, and terminal tackle. Out of everything they offer, I am most interested in the drop shot weights. I am a dropshot-aholic....and have been for almost ten years now. I have lost my share of weights in my life. But these are designed a differently, and should be more snag resistant.

They different than the round weights, teardrops or the cylinder weights I always use. They are a unique design and I think there are going to reduce the "anchor effect" some weights have in grass, where they pick up every piece of grass around. I will be ordering some soon, and will let you know if they work as planned.
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