December 17, 2009

What's on your Christmas List?

Christmas time has always been my favorite time for many reasons; family, tradition, food and fishing gear. I have been seeing quite a few deals out there lately. The bad economy has really hurt America, but it has definitely lowered prices and extended sales for those looking to pick up the latest fishing gear around. It might be too late to ask for some of these, but you could always treat yourself to a gift. Here are the Top 5 Things on my 2009 Christmas Wish List.

#1 Lamiglas Excel Bass Rods: I own two of these already and love them. The XL705C is going to be the next one I buy. I love the split grips and hook keeper. A 7 foot MH rod will handle just about anything you want to use. And at just $109.99 they are a steal.

#2 Shimano Citica 200 E. As I mentioned awhile ago. I own every Curado ever made and a bunch of Chronarchs, but never used the Citicas. They are only $119.99 and would look great on my new Excel rod. A sweet combo for around $230. Not bad. Not bad.

#3 Paycheck Baits Punch Skirts. Flippin' and Punchin' have become one of my favorite ways to catch bass. I need to stock up on these skirts before the tournament season starts again in January.

#4 BasStar Spin Tech hooks. Like the name says, these treble hooks actually spin. I saw these at ICAST and thought they were awesome when I saw them. They are supposed to help reduce the number of lost fish. I think they are going to be a hit.

#5 The Gary Yamamoto Senko..the bait of the decade. Anyone who calls themselves a bass fisherman has a arsenal of Senkos. I love this bait, I even named my dog Senko. You can never have enough Senkos. My favorite colors are watermelon with black flake, watermelon/green pumpkin laminate and cinnamon brown. Wacky-rigged, texas rigged, flipped, pitched and even carolina rig. This thing works.
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