January 13, 2010

BASS Southern Open Predictions

The Bassmaster tournament season kicks off tomorrow on Lake Okeechobee for the first of three Bassmaster Southern Opens.  I really wish I was going to be out there tommorow, but after fishing there last Saturday and Sunday I am almost feeling sorry for these guys.  The whole area has been extremely cold and it made the fishing brutally tough.  But the weather is expected to warm up nicely and should make the fishing much better than it was last weekend when only four bass were caught in our club tournament.

Several Elite series guys fish this trail and I know several have been out there braving the cold weather trying to chase the bass.  Bassmaster.com has a preview report on their front page and it quotes several pros.  Terry "The Big Show" Scroggins thinks it "might take as little as 22 pounds to make the 30 cut," Scroggins says. "I expect the winner will catch 16 to 18 pounds a day."

I think the weights will be a little higher because this lake is full of monster fish.  I expect him and the Lane brothers to do well this tournament.  Good luck to all of you fishing the Big O. 
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