January 12, 2010

More Micro Guides

It seems like everywhere I look I hear more about the micro guide trend.  These tiny guides are taking over the bass fishing world.  I think they have an added value and this is something I really want to try.  I just read a review on Tackletour.com about the new E21 Carrot Stick with the micros on it.  They summed it up pretty well when they called it the "Micro Guide Craze". I am guessing we will be seeing every major rod maker come out with their own version. I think it's funny how we as bass fisherman constantly look for the newest and greatest technology.  It suddenly becomes a must have, like we won't catch another bass in our life if we don't buy it now. I am as a guilty as everyone else.  I guess this is part of what makes this sport so much fun. 

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