February 3, 2010

Lake Fork Wacky Weight and Hook

One of my all time favorite and most productive ways to catch bass is with a wacky-rigged Senko.  Recently, I have been using the flick shake quite a bit and always do well with it.  Either way, the wacky rig catches them. There is something about the way this bait falls that drives bass crazy.  When I was living in Washington State I would skip a wacky rigged Senko with an o-ring and weedless hook under docks and catch bass after bass.  Here in Florida, I cast it to grass points and holes in the pad fields.  The only downside to fishing this technique is the way the hook points horizontal with the bait which sometimes means missed fish.  Lake Fork Lures has created a cool new way to ensure the hook will be pointed right and ready for a solid hookset.  It even comes weighted so you can fish a little deeper and even in windy conditions.  It's called the Wack'n Weight.  They also make a special weedless hook, and cool worm that makes this package complete.  I think they are on to something and am looking forward to trying it out.

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