February 11, 2010

Lamiglas Excel Rods - Tackle Tour Review

I have been fishing the Lamiglas Excel Bass Rods since the fall and I love them.  They are priced well and perform great.  I have a casting rod and a spinning rod and plan to buy more.  I have always like Lamiglas, my first good bass rod was a Lamiglas, and the fact that they are made in America makes it even better.  The price point is only around $100 which makes them more affordable and allows you to buy a couple more.

Recently, I have been pairing my Excel Flippin' Stick with  an Ardent Flip N' Pitch reel and have a great combo that is all made in America.  I have been really impressed with this combo and plan to use it quite a bit in the next few weeks. Tackle Tour did a thorough review of the Excel rods this week.  Check it out here.
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