May 15, 2010

Fishing Isn't Always about Catching Fish

Today we fished Crooked Lake in Central FL, and we caught fish all day but never got a big one.  This lake is known for lots of fish, but plenty of little ones.  Today was no different.  I ended up weighing in 6lbs and change and finished 4th.  The winner had around 10 pounds.  There was another tournament going out the same time and the winners had 16lbs, so obviously they know something about this lake I don't know. This lake has some monsters in it, last month there was a 12 pounder caught and also two 9 pounders in the last few weeks.  I really want to figure this lake out.

I went in thinking I was going to be finesse fishing all day, but with the windy conditions I ended up catching them mostly on rattletraps and speedworms.  I caught around twenty fish today, but just never hooked into a big one.

It was a sunny day and I really felt blessed to be able to fish as much as I do.  As we were fishing, I saw two bald eagles sitting in the tree and it reminded me that fishing isn't always about catching fish.  
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