May 17, 2010

Keeping with the Spinnerbait Theme...The Death Shimmer Spinnerbait

Since I was just talking about spinnerbaits, I decided to show you a new one I just came across.  It seems difficult to improve on a spinnerbait, I mean its just a skirt, weighted head, hook, and some blades on a wire right?  But, there is a new company that just came out with a new design.  The company is brand new and it's website isn't even totally up yet, the company is called Law Lures and they have a bait called the Death Shimmer.  Sounds pretty cool to me.  Basically, the wire is crazy looking with several bends and kinks in the wire that is supposed to create more drag and vibration in the water.  It seems like a good idea, but only time on the water will tell how it works.  They do have a pretty cool video of it catching some bass in a tank at a sports show.  Check it out!  

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