June 20, 2010

The InvisaSwivel

Aquateko is a Florida based company that has developed a new idea for one of the oldest items in fishing, the swivel.  Made of a clear, fluorocarbon-like plastic, the InvisaSwivel "is a clear plastic fishing swivel that was developed for the avid fisherman who wants to catch more fish. Our stealth design is invisible in water so fish cannot see the swivel like conventional swivels that are made of metal. Obsolete metal swivels are heavy and corrode which affects their ability to properly remove line twist." aquateko.com

Although it was originally developed for and is primarily used for saltwater, I think bass fisherman could really benefit from this.  Wired2Fish.com has already covered it and a few months ago, and the Jacksonville newspaper did a showcase of the product and the company.  

"Another great feature of the InvisaSwivel is its ability to self lubricate due to the space age material they are made of, Fluoro-Clear. These clear fluorocarbon swivels will also protect your guides from nicks by gliding softly through without causing damage like a metal swivel would. No more guides cutting your line!!" aquateko.com

I believe this has several uses in bass fishing. I think this will really work well when drop-shotting.  I hate the line twist that occurs and think this will be the best way to prevent it and not scare fish away.  I'm looking forward to buying some and trying them out myself.

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