July 11, 2010

Colt Rods are Coming After the Fishing World

It seems like everywhere I look I hear about Colt Rods.  They are a brand new rod company out of my old hometown of Las Vegas.  They are planning to make a big splash in the fishing rod industry with their new concept rods.  The rods themselves are quite unique and actually a hexagon shape compared to the traditional cylinder rods on the market.  I was a little skeptical (and maybe still am) about the design and what it will do.  They definitely have a reason for the design and have the technology and process documented on their website.  It makes sense.  They claim the hexagon shape will increase sensitivity, accuracy, durability and power.  These are some big claims but after reading about their technology I think it might just work.  

They are planning to do big things at ICAST this year and have their rods in store by this fall.  They have a great looking website, social media presence and even added a unique pro-staffer this week.  Browns Quarterback Colt McCoy has signed on with them, an interesting but fitting person to promote.  They also have a blog.  Check out the video below to see more about the company. 

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