July 12, 2010

A Wicked New Hook

Wacky-rigging a Senko has got to be the best way to catch fish ever invented.  I just love it and have won alot of money and finished my limit with it a bunch of time.  I started doing it quite a bit around 2003 and was using the Reaction Innovations W.W. Hook for years until they just disappeared.  I heard they were discontinued, then heard of them being found here and there.  They were elusive.  I even tried making my own before I switched to the Owner Weedless Wacky hook after not being impressed with the other brands wire guards and the Gamakatsu version, the Weedless Wide Gap Finesse Hook.  I have been pretty happy with the Owner version for a few years now.  But now...just before ICAST, Gamakatsu is releasing the "Wicked Wacky Hook".  It's basically the same thing as the W.W. Hook, with the Shiner style hook with the mono guard.  The hook always seems to hook them right in the corner of the mouth. They got my attention like a slow falling wacky rig...I'm hooked and will be swictching back.

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