July 10, 2010

The Bass - Social or Loner?

I found an interesting little piece in the latest FLW Outdoors magazine in their article about river fishing, Trials and Tributaries.  It's a pretty good article on river fishing, but the biggest thing I took from it was the comments from FLW Tour Pro Jason Christie.  He talks about how river bass are different than main lake bass.  He says "bass in the lower lake of an impoundment are more 'social', so to speak".  He goes on to say that "they do everything together as a school".  Christie goes on to say "river fish, however are loners.  They live shallow and relate to cover,  River fish are territorial, defensive and don't want 15 other bass living on their logs".  I thought this was interesting and found it to be right on for alot of my past river fishing experience. It's similar to what I wrote earlier this year about my theory that bass are like people and almost have different personalities.  I may be way off, but I think it might help understand bass a little better.

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