July 13, 2010

The InvisaSwivel: The Evolution of Fishing Swivels

The swivel is a part of fishing tackle that is often overlooked in fishing.  It's a piece of equipment that has many uses and has been around for years.  Terminal tackle in general is pretty boring, but the InvisaSwivel by Aquateko is anything but boring.  The concept is simple: it is invisible to fish, which leads to more bites.  I had a chance to use the swivel a few weeks ago in the ultra clear waters of the Pacific Northwest.  I was fishing with 6lb fluorocarbon with a drop-shot for smallmouths.  When I was living there I fished like this all of the time and always had the same problem of line twist.  The InvisaSwivel gets rid of the line twist and still remains invisible to finicky fish.  I fished all day without the coils and twists I use to get with my spinning reels and the light line. 

This is just one of many uses for the swivel.  I have recently started fishing more in the saltwater here in Gulf region and use a braided main line with a flurocarbon leader.  Since the InvisaSwivel is made from Fluro-Clear it is virtually invisible underwater, just like fluorocarbon line.  Another cool thing about it is that it won't reflect light or shine like metal will.  I'm all for anything that will reduce distractions and help you unnoticed to fish.  I believe everything we do to make our presentations more natural will help your fishing.  I also like how you don't have to rely on the strength of your uni to uni or blood knots.  The notches on the top and bottom of the swivel is easier to tie and you can still tie a standard clinch knot or even a palomar knot.  

The swivel comes in sizes from 12lb test all the way up to 200lb for offshore fishing.  They definitely have a swivel for any application you want and these things are indestructible no matter what you do to them.  Check out the InvisaSwivel from Aquateko.

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