July 15, 2010

Kissimee Chain this Weekend!

I am really excited about this weekend where I will get the chance to fish the Kissimmee Chain again.  I fished this place quite a bit last season and it quickly became my favorite place to fish.  This year, I have only fished there once.  The BFL schedule went from being there three times to just once this year and I miss it.  I was happy they moved more events to Okeechobee since I have been doing pretty well there this year, but I'm ready to do some flippin' on The Chain.  I will be testing the new Sasquatch Soft Plastics Skunk Ape in the custom "penetration" color.  That's one of the best things about Sasquatch Soft Plastics, they will make the bait in any color you want.  You can get your dream colors in anything they make.  This will be the perfect setting to get these baits in the water.  I hope to have some great pictures to share after this weekend.
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