July 19, 2010

My Kissimmee Chain Tournament

I spent this weekend fishing the Kissimmee Chain of lakes in Central Florida.  Those big fish you see in the picture next to this....I didn't catch them.  I caught nothing close to that big.  I did weigh in a limit both days under some pretty tough conditions, but still didn't have much to brag about.  The fishing was awesome first thing each morning as the fish were busting shad and dragonflies all over the place.  I caught several fish each day on Stanley Ribbit Frogs, Snag Proof Phat Frogs and a Zell Pop.  The problem with me was I couldn't catch much after the sun came up.  I flipped and pitched so much my wrist and forearm are a little sore today.  I only caught two small ones on the new Sasquatch Skunk Ape.  It wasn't the baits fault as I didn't catch anything on a Sweet Beaver or Paca Craw.  I really liked flipping the Skunk Ape because of the great action of the appendages and they held up pretty well after getting dunked over and over into the grass.
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