July 9, 2010

The Nories Bug Reincarnated

A couple days ago I was talking about the new baits coming out from Japanese based tackle company Marukyu and their new Faint Series of baits.  I first became interested in the brand because they have some serious credentials, Norio Tanabe, Japananese and B.A.S.S. Pro is designing baits for them.  He is famous for creating the famous Nories Bug for Kinami Baits.  This is one of my all time favorite baits for bed fishing and smallmouth fishing.  It just gets bit!  I have been researching the bait recently as I am down to my last pack.  It is still listed on the Kinami website, but numerous other sites show it as being discontinued.  Buy it if you find it.  If not, check out the Marukyu Escape Little Twin.  Even the name of the bait sounds cooler and it comes in some pretty unique colors that were never available in the Kinami version.  My favorite is the Purple Blue Flake with Black Back.  Watch out for Marukyu, they are coming to America.

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