August 14, 2010

Bananas and Fishing Don't Mix

Today was another example of why bananas are bad luck in fishing.  I fished a Fort Myers Bass Club tournament on the Caloosahatchee River, and as always the river proved to be very tough.  This place is already pretty challenging, but we always fish it in the dead of summer, which makes it even worse.  I ended up finishing in 4th place with a small limit.  But now back to banana, last September I had a bad experience fishing from a boat that had a banana on board.   We ended up losing power in the boat and had to drift our way back to the ramp.  Today, I fished with the same guy.  He loves bananas, but I think he will look at them a little differently now.  He didn't believe my story about them being bad luck and brought them again today.  I didn't see them on the boat or I would have thrown them over.  On our first run, we hit a rock and bent the prop, bent the shaft, and lost a good chunk of the skeg.  We were still able to idle around, but it took us all day to fish our way back to the ramp.  When I got home, I saw he had done his research on the superstition and is now a believer.  Those are going to end up costing him alot more than  he paid for them at the grocery store.  Check out the link he sent me about the story behind the superstition. 

The positive side of the day was that I was able to try out two new products that I have been dying to use.  The first was a new shirt by Breathe Like a Fish.  It was awesome in the Florida heat, which is brutal this time of year.  The other new product I used, and caught a few fish on, was the Power Team Lures 10 inch Ribbon Hinge worm, this thing is a beast and looks great underwater.  I'll have complete reviews of the stuff coming up in a few days.  Until then, check your boat for bananas!

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