August 26, 2010

Conquering Fear in Fishing

I think of fishing lures as just tools to catch fish.  I will cast them anywhere I think fish might be hiding.  I get comments all the time when I cast over limbs, stumps, docks, ropes, grass patches or whatever to get to an open spot.  Most of the time, people ask; "What are you going to do if you hook one way back there?"  My answer is always; "I'll figure that out when I get one."  I know I'm not the only one who does this, but it always surprises me when people don't even try to get into these areas.  Earlier today I read an article that explains exactly how I feel.  It was written by Penny Berryman, who is the Roland Martin of Women's Bass Fishing.  The article is called "Conquering Fear" and can be seen here.  One of the biggest things I took from the article is how she said "learn to conquer that fear of getting hung up.  Besides, you aren't fishing properly, if you aren't losing a few lures along the way."  Think about this next time you are hesitating to pitch into that huge pile of sticks.  That's where the fish are.  Don't be scared.

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