October 28, 2010

Moto Hooks - A Wacky New Hook

Seems like tonight is hook night for TBrinks Fishing. I guess that's good since hooks are arguably the most important thing for fisherman. I was browsing the sites tonight and saw this new hook made by a company called Moto Hooks. They are hand tied Wacky Rig hooks and look like my all-time favorite Wacky hook, the discontinued W.W. Hook by Reaction Innovations. Gamakatsu announced the new Wicked Wacky hook recently, but I still haven't found them in stock. I talked to a Gamakatsu rep last month, and even he didn't know when they would be available. For now, the best bet would be to get something like the Moto, which is in stock. I know the hook style (Shiner) works, and it is a Gamakatsu so it's got to be sharp. Looks like I'll be buying a few packs of these in time for the upcoming spawn season down here in FL.
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