October 31, 2010

TBF State Championship - 1 Bad Day and 1 Good Day

This weekend I fished another pretty big tournament.  Two weeks in a row, and two tough tournaments in a row.  I'm really looking forward to getting on Lake Okeechobee next weekend.  The tournament this weekend was the TBF (The Bass Federation) State Championship.  I fished the Qualifier earlier this year on the same lake and really hoped to do well.  The goal of all anglers fishing the federation is to make the state team.  I did this for Washington State in 2007 and I really want to go back.  This year definitely didn't happen, but there is always next year.

Day 1 was just plain horrible for me.  I fished all day and only had two bites and I missed them both.  It was like I was still fishing Lake Seminole, it was tough.  My partner caught two keepers and had around two pounds.  I tried all of my favorite spots on this lake, my best baits, and still came to the scales without a fish.

Today on Day 2 started off much better and I had a limit in the boat within an hour.  I spent all day with a flippin' stick in my hand, knowing that is one of the best ways to make up some weight.  I caught fish all day and went through a bunch of plastics.  I probably caught 20 keepers today, most were 13 or 14 inches, but sure were fun.  I was pitching the reeds and buggy whips all day and pulling them through the thick stuff with 65lb braid.  Today was awesome and just fun.  Today reminded me why I fish, to have fun.  I ended up weighing 5.87lbs for my limit (lake limit here is 3 fish).  I never got a big bite but I had a great time.  

If you have ever thought about fishing the federation, do it.  Either the TBF or BASS Federation Nation provide great tournaments with the chance to go on for much bigger prizes.  

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