November 2, 2010

TBrinks Fishing Product Review: Mend-It Glue

This weekend I was flipping and pitching Sweet Beavers into some really thick stuff. The dense cover, along with all the bites I was getting really tore up my plastics. I went through a bag of my favorite color in no time. Add to this the fact that the hooks are super sharp and also shred the baits a little faster. I was really catching them on a certain color and then ran out. I wasn't worried because I had a back-up plan: Mend-It Glue.

Mend-It has been around for a few years and has always been a favorite for fisherman looking to salvage baits on the fly or to repair those expensive soft plastic swimbaits. I have been using it for around three years, but never brought it with me on the boat. The problem with the glue was the packaging. The plastic bottle did not protect the glue in the heat. So, I never brought it with me on the boat. I think this is one of the most crucial times to use it. Just like my situation this weekend, they were tearing up a certain color, but I ran out quickly. By using Mend-It I was able to repair even the baits that had been shredded in half by bass and thick reeds. Now that the glue comes in a glass bottle, it is much more protected and won't shrivel up into a gob of plastic mess after being exposed to heat or air. Another thing they did to make it easier to apply was to add a small brush. This makes a night and day difference in application of the glue. I know this stuff works and will be keeping a bottle with me at all times. It only takes a few seconds to apply and dries very quickly. Check it out and make sure you get the new glass bottle version.
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