December 12, 2010

Fishing Tourists

I spent the most of the weekend in Orlando visiting family.  They were staying at a resort with a lake so I had to bring some of my fishing gear.  It was windy, cool and even rained a little.  I still went out and fished.  I wanted to try out some new baits I received in the last few weeks.  One thing I was using was a stickbait called Zinkerz by Z-Man.  I have been a die-hard Senko user for years now, and always used the Yamamoto version.  I decided to give these a try and caught five fish on the same bait and it is still fine and rigged on my rod, they are very durable.  I think these will really shine when using a wacky rig.  I haven't used them enough to say for sure, but I believe the fall rate was about the same as the Senko.  That has been the biggest reason I have never switched over to any other brands.  They are definitely going to be getting a workout this Spring.

It was pretty fun fishing the resort.  Tanya and I were walking through swim areas, beaches and golf courses to fish.  They said the lake had some big bass in it, but all we caught were small fish up to about a pound and a half.  I'd like to get back over there sometime when it's a little warmer.  

After the fishing, we went and did some of the regular tourist activities.  We saw the World's Biggest McDonald's, complete with arcade and bowling.  It was crazy there and I wasn't too impressed with the place until I saw this game.

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