December 10, 2010

It's Finally Here! The Lateral Perch by Power Tackle

If you have been paying attention lately, you might have heard of a new lure called the Lateral Perch.  It's something that Power Tackle came out with recently and also helped Keith Combs win this fall's PAA event on Lake Tawakoni.  Keith didn't just win, he pretty much destroyed the field at this event and it was partly due to the Lateral Perch.  At first glance, the bait looks like a soft plastic swimbait.  The difference is this bait is rigged on a jighead with a fiber weedguard.  It's just like a skirted jig with the body of a swimbait.  Perfectly weedless and something unique.  A bait that falls on it's side like a dying bluegill or perch.  I'm looking forward to getting this thing in the water.  Seven colors and six sizes from 1/4 oz up to 1 3/4 oz.  The bigger sizes make it ideal for flippin' and punchin'.

Have any of you ever used this?  What do you think of the design?
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