December 14, 2010

Organizing Your Tackle - Sale Going on at Tackle Warehouse

This time of year, many us are stuck inside the house thinking about fishing.  Not me anymore, since I moved to Florida three years ago, but I remember those cold days.  One of the things I used to do every winter was organize all of my tackle and get it ready for the spring.  I bought a few tackle-specific boxes made by Falcon a few years ago and it was a great decision.  I have the Hook and Sinker organizer, the lipless crankbait box and the spinnerbait organizer.  All of them have been really helpful and I plan to get a few more for my topwaters and crankbaits.

I just saw that Tackle Warehouse has a bunch of them on sale for half off, making them around the same cost as a regular box.  If you are going to get just one, get the spinnerbait box, this thing is awesome. I have the smaller one, but would get this one if I had another chance.

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