December 14, 2010

Some Cool New Stuff from Power Team Lures

I just this on Facebook: Power Team Lures is now offering their Hog Tonic scent in a bottle.  All of the plastics they make are great quality and very unique, but I think the scent is something that really makes them stand out.  When I did the contest for them a few months ago, I received the package and my whole mailbox smelled like the garlic Hog Tonic.  This stuff is strong and works!

I went to their site to learn more about it and also saw the "Cold Weather Kits" they have put together.  They have three different kits featuring some of their best cold weather baits, stickers, shirts and hoodies.  I like the idea of getting a kit like this all in one package.  The kits range from $42 up to $100 depending on how much stuff you want.  This would make a great gift for a fisherman (or fisherwoman) in your life.

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