January 23, 2011

The Abu Garcia Revo Premier and Veritas Rod

I have been a die-hard Shimano fan ever since I began fishing seriously.  I own  plenty of Shimano reels and never needed to try anything else.  Like everyone else, I had heard about how great the Revo's are and even had the chance to cast one a few times, but until recently have never owned one.  I now have an ultimate setup that is light, stylish and powerful.  The Abu Garcia Revo Premier with a 7' Heavy Abu Garcia Veritas rod.  I think this is my new favorite setup, and that's saying alot.  This rod and reel were made to go together and are extremely well balanced.

The Revo Premier is the top of the line for Abu Garcia and it shows.  I have one in the left hand model and am really impressed with how it casts.  I spooled it up with 15lb Seaguar InvizX and have been fishing it hard without a single backlash (yet).  Tanya wanted to try it out and was able to cast just as far and still no backlash.  It was really easy to setup with the new Infini Brake System that combines a centrifugal and magnetic braking system.   The reel is very smooth due to the 10 ball bearings (9 stainless and 1 corrosion resistant anti-reverse bearing).  The drag is also very stout, with a full 20 pounds of Carbon Matrix Drag.

Besides all of the features the reel looks awesome and is very light (only 6.7 ounces).  This is actually a little heavier than the last model, but they have made up for it with more strength in the frame.  The reel handles are made of flat EVA foam.  I was curious to see how this would be, since I am used to rubber handles, but it is actually pretty comfortable when you reel.  Overall this reel is awesome.

The Veritas is something I have been waiting to try since the Summer.  I posted in August how I couldn't wait to try one.  I think it was worth the wait.  As I mentioned, I have the 7' Heavy action rod.  I plan to use this for a variety of techniques and feel it will be very versatile.

The rod is hard to mistake; bright white with gray accent lines.  The rod look great and is perfectly balanced with any of the Revo lineup.  Some of the features that I like are; the split grip, EVA foam, and the reel seat.  The seat allows for great sensitivity and looks pretty cool.  The biggest downfall to the rod is actually something that makes the reel look much cooler.  On the end of the butt of the rod, is a stylish Abu monogram that is surrounded by a metal ring.  While it looks cool, on a hard surface it might start to slide away when standing up.  Not a big deal, but it did fall down when I was leaning it against a wall. 

The rod retails for around $100 and is worth every penny of it.  If it was closer to $200, I wouldn't think it would be worth it.  For the price, it is a very good buy.  

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