February 24, 2011

The Spotlight: Moaner Hooks

I started the TBrinks Fishing spotlight as a way to showcase smaller companies and individuals in the industry who deserve a little extra attention.  Like I said in the inaugural spotlight, these are the guys just like us who we would like to spend a day on the lake with. This edition focuses on Moaner Hooks, home of weighted hooks, screw-lock hooks and the biggest, stoutest shaky head jig I have ever seen.  I had the chance to talk with Matt from Moaner Hooks and asked him a few questions about his company.
TB: How did Moaner hooks come about?
MH: It's kind of funny actually, it all began in August of 2009 as an after-thought. As an avid angler fishing predominately high action soft plastics like Rage Tail by Strike King, I boiled down my use of terminal tackle to three basic hooks which I use 90% of the time. I needed to save money on them without sacrificing any quality because bait performance matters. I needed an all-around fish hook that was suitable for both topwater action as well as great underwater applications. The first hook had originally been coined a "moaner" hook after combining a super sharp Mustad hook with an Owner centering screw lock. It has since been revised, it is now called the "Stroker" hook.

I needed a jighead for pitching craws and creature baits, something with a heavier hook suitable for braided line if needed. At the time, there weren’t many choices out there and when you found one, you really paid for them. I also needed a keel weighted hook to get a horizontal fall with soft plastics and to make longer casts on windy days. With the options to save money being very much the same as the jig heads, I researched manufacturing costs. If I committed to designing a jighead and weighted hooks for myself, I had to do it right all the way. I knew if I was going to do it, I would have to make it the best it can be rather than just good enough. As the prototypes were coming together, the answer became clear, share my savings with other bass anglers and Moaner Hooks launched in 2010.

TB: What separates Moaner from other weighted hooks out there?
MH: The weighted Stroker differs from other hooks a few ways. Price would be big difference, just compare our five per pack price against other three pack prices. Our hook availability would be another difference as we are currently exclusive to the internet, you will find us at www.MoanerHooks.com.

Above all in my opinion, is our weight design! Today’s best soft plastics require better tackle to offer the best performance and some companies are way ahead of the pack. We have gone through multiple revisions until our weight was just the right shape in just the right place, instead of just being good enough. The weighted Stroker is made on a premium Mustad hook, they stay sharper longer than other brands and are easy to sharpen.  The weighted Stroker tracks better with it's slick design and provides the best overall fall rate for plastics in it's class in my opinion. Also, a Stroker doesn't interfere with hook sets or the bait positioning, and they sure stick em good on a hookset.

Strokers cost less per piece than big name competitors and in terms of better performance; Moaner Hooks has just started raising the bar. Our selection is specialized; various hook sizes and weights to cover most applications. Moaner Hooks shipping charges are a little different too. A flat fee of $3.00 per order, orders of $50.00 shipped free!

TB: Anything you want to add about how they fit well with the Rage Tail lineup.
MH: The Moaner design has a purpose fishing the Rage Tail lineup for me. Try a 1/4oz Stroker on a Smokin Rooster or Thumper worm (cut tail down) dipped in JJ's Magic. You will cast a toad farther with our 1/8oz Stroker or slow fall a 7" Anaconda. These are just a few productive tactics our hooks are used best. When the performance of a bait matters, we strive to offer anglers our best possible effort with each product released. Our products have been tested and reviewed by Steve (Big O) Parks, Rage Tail Lures (find him on his Facebook page). If you have any questions about sizes and weight recommendations, feel free to visit our website or Facebook page for more information.

Weighted hooks are here to stay, if you are fishing a fluke, Skinny Dipper, Gambler Big EZ or any of the Rage Tail lineup, they are a must.  If you are shopping for some new hooks, check out Moaner Hooks.  Support the small companies, the ones who are owned by people just like me and you.  
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