February 11, 2011

Fishing Grass Mats and Lily Pads

Since moving to Florida, I have become a grass connoisseur; the different types, the life stage, you name it.  I love fishing grass, probably because that's where all the big ones are.   The grass is full of oxygen and life, baitfish swim around and the big bass hide.  I don't go a day on the lake without fishing aquatic vegetation.  Even with my growing experience, I am still constantly learning about new techniques and ways to fish the thick stuff.  For instance, punchin' the grass, or swimming a Speedworm through the pads, or fishing a Snag Proof frog across the mats.  They all work and have their place.  I just found this great article on Earth Sports about fishing the thick stuff.  It's a great read and talks about what many anglers ignore when fishing thick grass.  
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