February 10, 2011

Product Review: Talon Lures Shibui Yana

Every so often, I do a review of a product and find an amazing lure I would almost rather keep a secret. One such bait is the Shibui Yana by Talon Lures.  The idea behind it is pretty cool, it's basically a swim jig and spinnerbait combined, with the biggest difference being the type of blade. It is a propeller type blade that is rigged like an inline spinner.  This is something very unique and I can honestly say I have never fished a bait like this.  

This type of design is popular in Japan, but until Talon lures released the Shibui Yana a few months ago, bass in America have been safe.  The design of the bait is what really makes it all come together.  The head is weighed with an offset design and the propeller blade creates flash and vibration.  I have had my best luck with the bait on a stop and go type retrieve.  When stopped, it slowly flashes as it falls.  When you start back with a fast retrieve it will dart side to side as it rights itself and picks up speed.  From my experience, this bait won't roll over no matter how fast you reel it.  I have also had success burning it just under the surface.

The components that make up the Shibui Yana are a complete package.  The hook is big (6/0) and very strong.  I was also very impressed with the lifelike head of the entire Shibui lineup (they also make a swim jig).    There are some other small additions that I think are pretty cool, a V-Claw trailer keeper and wire wrapped skirt. While both of these things are minor, they are crucial to keep your trailer in place and to prevent the skirt from sliding down the hook.  It comes in 14 colors and in both 1/2 and 3/4 oz sizes.  So far my favorite has been a 1/2oz in the Sexy Shad color.  

To see the entire Talon Lures lineup, check out their website.

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