February 13, 2011

Two Days = Two Paydays

I had a great weekend on Lake Okeechobee.  The fishing has been unbelievable lately and big fish continue to be caught.  While it wasn't a weekend full of multiple thirty pound bags, the fish were still there.  We had a cold front come through last week and it pushed alot of the spawning fish off the beds.  They were still in spawning areas, just not locked on the beds.

Saturday was the first BFL event of the year for the Gator Division.  Being the reigning Co-Angler AOY, I hoped to keep my momentum going.  We had a near full field of 179 boats, so I knew the weights were going to be high.  The day started off pretty slow for me, like it usually does on Okeechobee.  At around 10:00, I only had one small fish.  I started flipping a Sweet Beaver and caught one close to three pounds and that helped my confidence.  At around 11:45, I caught my biggest fish of the day on a trick worm.  I had just tied it on and it worked instantly.  I filled out my limit and culled a few times by throwing the Ultravibe Speedworm.  I ended up with 13lbs 14oz and finished 9th.  A great way to start the season.

Today was the Fort Myers Bass Club event also on the Big O.  Having just fished it yesterday, I knew what I wanted to do and what to key on.  Overall it was much tougher, but I managed a limit weighing 9.11lbs good for 3rd place in the club.  I had two nice three pounders but only had three small fish to go with it.  I again used the Speedworm, but also caught two on a ZMan Zinkerz.

I fished as a non-boater both days and outfished my partners both days, but I'm not bragging.  I believe the reason I had more bites was because I was using Seaguar fluorocarbon.  My partners for both days were using braid on the Speedworms, same bait, same weight, just different line.  I was using 15lb and had no problem getting the fish in, even with all of the lily pad stalks, eel grass and hydrilla.  
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