February 14, 2011

How do you prepare for the tournament season?

I know most of you out there are still getting geared up for the tournament season.  Not everyone can live in Florida, and most bass fisherman will have some down time during the winter.  I used to live in Washington State and dealt with the cold and bass withdrawals for four months of the year.  It was horrible!  I still remember seeing my old Champion sitting under the snow.  I still kept busy by taking care of my equipment, organizing, making tackle, and really anything to keep my mind on bass fishing. 

I just found an article about what NOT to do for Winter tackle maintenance.  It's relevant even if you don't have a bad winter to suffer through.  Like this for instance "Most modern hooks have an anti-corrosive finish; scrape it away, and they’ll rust after the first use." 

I hope this article makes Spring come faster for you "up north"
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