March 22, 2011

Something New from Eco Pro Tungsten

Eco Pro Tungsten is famous for...well...weights of course.  Now they have something else in their lineup.  I haven't thrown inline spinners in years, but they were one of my secret baits for smallmouth and to match the hatch in tough conditions.  Don't let the size fool you, these will catch some big bass.

Eco Pro announces the addition of Eco Pro Tungsten Spins.

Shipping to customers in April, Eco Pro Tungsten has added a full range of tungsten in line spinners to their lineup.  As with their premium weights, Eco Pro Spins are 100% lead free eco friendly tungsten.  With Eco Pro Spins you get all the advantages of tungsten over lead.  Farther, more accurate casts are now a reality.   Increased sensitivity...and more fish!  Eco Pro Spins are available in three of the most popular sizes and 19 fish catching colors.  Special “seal coat” painting resists chips and scratches.  Add black nickel hooks and Eco Pro Spins are the finest in-line spinners on the market!

To learn more about Eco Pro Tungsten, check out their website.
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