March 23, 2011

A Review of Thee Fisherman's Soap

Call me weird, but I love the smell of bass.  That aroma is something I have always associated with a good day on the water.  However, not everyone I know wants that smell on their hands. Take last week for instance;  I went fishing with my dad, my brother and his friend.  They are all pretty new to fishing and were not crazy about the scent of fish on their hands.  They were really impressed with a new soap I had and with how well it cleaned their hands.  

Also, if you think about it it's probably not sanitary to do your daily activities right after catching a bunch of bass.  The answer has always been a quick hand wash or hand sanitizer, but what about a soap designed especially for fishermen? I came across Thee Fisherman's Soap via Facebook and decided to give it a try and do a product review for them.  

Not only does it remove scents after fishing, but it is also very effective before fishing.  It's not just for fish smells either, it also removes the scent of cigarettes, sunscreen, gas and just about any other scent that turns off fish.  Besides just washing your hands, it can also be used to clean livewells, aquariums and more.  The reason is because it is non-toxic and safe for water and the environment.

I really liked the soap and how they are targeting fishermen with a product that actually works.  I have my score below, but try it for yourself and see what you think; you be the judge.

Scoring for Thee Fisherman's Soap
Price/Value: 2
Compared to regular hand soap, it is quite expensive.  Overall it is  in a different category as it is non-toxic and better on the environment, but still more expensive than I am used to.
Durability: 3
It is hard to judge a soap on durability, but it is easy to use and the hands stay soft and clean.
Performance: 4
It works like a charm and is very refreshing on the hands.
Innovation: 3
I have never seen another soap designed just for a fisherman's needs.
Availability: 2
It is available on their website, but not anywhere else that I could tell.

Total Score: 14 - Worth a shot!

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