April 5, 2011

The Hitch Series Product Review

Now that the dust has settled from "Soft Plastics Week" I wanted to share an accessory that will help with all of your soft plastic baits.  It's called the Hitch Series and is a unique way to keep your bait pegged to the hook.  It's simple to use and doesn't affect the action of the bait at all.

The entire Hitch Series lineup is very simple to use and makes you wonder why you didn't think of it first.  It comes in three types: the Texas-Rig Hitch, the Trailer Hitch and the Bait Hitch.  It's basically a small wire clip that is formed to fit a variety of soft plastics. I was able to try the Texas-Rig hitch and Trailer Hitch and have been really impressed with the results.  How often have you missed a fish only to have a balled up plastic bait come back as you reeled it in?  Often on missed strikes, I will continue to work the bait hoping for another bite, only to see that the bait comes in a pile of plastic.  Of course, the fish didn't hit it again.  I believe with the Hitch Series, you will have more opportunities for second chances to catch those fish.

I have found that when flipping and pitching or throwing a Senko type bait, the Texas-rig Hitch is a lifesaver as these seem to be the times when the bait slides down the hook the most.  I was also really happy with the Trailer Hitch on my Swim Jigs.

Like I mentioned, the hitch is a very simple design, but it works perfectly and the bait will not move down the hook.  As you can see in the picture, even a viscous strike that ripped off the tail of the bait, the Trailer Hitch stayed in place and the bait did not slide down.  It was easy to re-rig another bait and get the hitch in place.  

Scoring for the Hitch Series Trailer Keepers

Price/Value: 4
They retail for $2.25 for 5 and $5.99 for 20 ranging from (29 to 45 cents each depending on quantity).  Not bad when you consider the cost of saving baits and also catching more fish.
Durability: 4
I haven't had a problem with them bending or breaking.  They seem light enough, yet sturdy enough for hard fishing.
Performance: 5
No complaints...at all.
Innovation: 4
Like I said earlier, simple but makes you wonder why you didn't think of it first.
Availability: 3
Have only seen them on the Hitch Series site, but they do accept Paypal which I like.

Total Score: 20  - Must Have!

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