April 4, 2011

The Soft Plastics Week Contest Winner Is....

Thanks everyone for participating in Soft Plastics Week.  It was fun reviewing all of these great baits and it was great getting all of your feedback.  After reviewing your comments on the blog posts, on Twitter and on Facebook we have a winner:  Ikaika Shook!  MSPBass was close on his heels and won't go home empty handed.  I'll get a consolation prize out to him as well.  Here's what they won.

First Prize goes to Ikaika and he will receive three packs of Trigger X plastics, including the Big Moe.  He will also be receiving a pack of some trailer keepers I am really impressed with.  They are called the Hitch Series and do a great job of keeping those plastics in place.  Look for a full review of them this week. Congrats Ikaika!

Since MSPBass was so close to winning and expressed his love of fluke style baits, he will be receiving a pack of Trigger X Minnows.  They are a new twist on an old bait and have the Trigger X Ultrabite Pheromones added.

Soft Plastics Week Standings:
ikaika.shook 27
samuel groves 17
Rich 15
Matt 3
Ace2 2
Tony C 2
Eugene C 1

Thanks again everyone!

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