April 2, 2011

Soft Plastics Week: The Nervous Rex by Owner

A few days ago I reviewed a new soft plastic by Owner called the Wounded Minnow.  It scored a "Good Buy" on my rating system due to it's innovation.  This next bait, the Nervous Rex is just as versatile.  The bait itself is six inches and looks like a more detailed version of a fluke.  It can be fished Texas-rigged on a weighted or unweighted head.  I found another way to rig this bait that provided some awesome action and I'll explain that in a minute.

When looking at the bait the first thing I noticed was the tail, it is long and very thin.  This tail action is great and it quivers with the slightest movement and even on slack line.  The bait looks like they molded an actual baitfish as the gills, eyes and fins are all very lifelike.  It's obvious that the design was very detailed and it's no surprise that it was designed in Japan.

I fished the bait like I would any fluke type bait and appreciated the hook slits on the top and bottom of the bait for easy weedless rigging.  I fished the bait on a screw-lock hook and it worked great.  The way that I found to make this bait do something a little different was to rig the screw a little lower on the mouth, versus going directly into it from the end, if that makes sense.  This allowed me to fish it almost like a topwater and it popped on the surface as it darted side to side.  I appreciated the versatility of this bait and also liked the added "Tasty Scent" (which is also on the Wounded Minnow).

Scoring for the Owner Nervous Rex

Price/Value: 2
Just like the Wounded Minnow, these are a little pricey.  They are $4.99 for a pack of 4, making them $1.25 each.  Not too cheap.
Durability: 4
The bait has stood the test of hooking, re-rigging, fishing in grass and catching fish.
Performance: 4
It was a fun bait to fish!
Innovation: 3
It's basically a fluke but with some added features and much more detail.
Availability: 3
Online at TackleWarehouse, and no stores I have seen yet.

Total Score: 16  - Good Buy!
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