July 21, 2011

Droppin' the Bomb(shell)

Castalia Outdoors came out with a pretty unique new soft plastic bait at ICAST, the Bombshell turtle.  At first, I really didn't know what to think about this bait after seeing just the press release prior to the show.  My wife immediately loved the idea, and once I saw it up close and in my hands, I knew this bait might have some real applications.  I have a few samples to try and will be fishing them in some local areas that are just full of baby turtles.  It makes sense; bass will eat anything they can get their mouth's around.  I checked out this video and saw a little more about how it looks in the water.  What do you think of the idea?

1 comment:

Russ said...

Wrap a punch skirt around the neck, add a 2-ounce miller weight, 7/0 Trokar, and we might have somethng here...lol