July 20, 2011

SoReal it's scary

ICAST put me on sensory overload.  I saw so many new products and ideas, that they all started blending together.  Through all the confusion, I saw one new product that really got me excited.  It was a new swimbait by Angler's Select (the parent company of Eco Pro Tungsten).  While at their booth, I was able to see a bunch of cool new items that I will share soon.  One of these is the new SoReal swimbait.  The swimbait is really cool looking and has four joints that allow it to swim very realistically ("SoReal").

The bait is fairly small by swimbait standards, at just 4 inches long, yet this is the perfect size for those of us who don't live in California and throw monster-sized baits.  Another cool aspect is the fact that is is a sinking swimbait and sinks at a rate of 2 feet per second.  This is great for those of us who want to fish a little deeper and not have to wait forever for it to fall.

The best part of the bait is the price.  It should retail for between $8-$9 and should be available sometime in September.

By the way, I fished it this evening for a little while and it does everything as intended. It's going to be a killer bait.
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