July 13, 2011

ICAST New Product Preview - Crankbaits

Walking into the new product showcase was like Christmas morning, there were so many great new lures and definitely not enough time to see them all.  I noticed some trends in soft lures.  Everyone seemed to have a frog imitation and there were several new deep diving crankbaits.  There were new designs and plenty that looked exactly the same as the ones currently on the market.  I took some photos and here are some of the ones that caught my attention right away.

The IMA Beast Hunter Crank

 The Spro Big Daddy Crank made by Russ Lane

Damiki DC 400 Deep Diver

The Sebile D&S Crankbait has been around for over a year now.  If you've been following my blog for a while you might have seen this post from over a year ago about this weedless crankbait.  Very interesting and I would love to see how well it works.  It's finally closer to being available here in the U.S.!
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