October 26, 2011

Line Spooling Made Easier

I always struggle putting new line on my reels, espescially when I'm by myself.  I always want to make sure it goes on correctly and evenly.  I have the portable line spooler for use when I am at home, but I don't take it on the boat with me.  Sure, it's easy enough to have a buddy grab a pen and hold the spool, but there is a new product that is just as easy and makes it a much faster process.  I just got my hands on a new Berkley Mini Line Spooler and this thing is awesome.

The spooler clips on to the rod and has a nice tension handle to adjust it with a spin of the knob.  I also line how small it is.  I keep extra spools of my Seaguar fluoro and braid in my boat in case I need to re-spool while on the the water, and this new spooler will stay with them, ready to go when I need it.  

Check it out, I think you will like it.  Also, see the video demo of just how easy it is to use. The best part is it costs less than $5.00. 

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