October 24, 2011

Replacing the bearings in your reel - VIDEO

I have been thinking about replacing the bearings in some of my reels for quite some time, but I never actually did it until now.  I don't know why; maybe I was unsure of what bearings to use or didn't realize how easy it was to do.  This weekend I replaced the stock bearings of my Chronarch 51MG with the "Orange Seal" bearings from BocaBearings.com.

Boca Bearings is really the leader in bearings and I have heard about them for years.  I really like their website, as you can go to the homepage and then click "Model Search" and find the right bearings for your reel.  

I put together a video on how to replace the bearings.  It was really easy and only took me a few minutes to do it.  One added step I did was to add a couple drops of Quantum Hot Sauce reel lube to each bearing.  The result was an awesome casting reel.  This reel is already a great caster but with the new bearings the long casts were effortless and smooth.

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